More Proof Of Concept Progress

More Proof Of Concept Progress

A screenshot of the newest build of the proof of concept. many new features have been implemented into the design including clearer search results, the ability to view all the associated information related to a node and some UI changes. the full source, and more information is available on the github page


Google Scholar Parser


Simple (and improving) parser I wrote, as we will probably need to parse sources like scholar when finding articles to link in maps. The java code can run on the web server and allows us to reduce the amount of computing/bandwidth needed on the target device (especially relevant in mobile/tablet cases) as the client will also have to run all drawing commands which may be intensive in itself.

The source is available on github

possible Seeder navigation concept with HTML5

This JSfiddle was found via stack overflow and shows a possible way to design certain viewing or editing portions necessary for the mind map creator and viewer. Although this is only a partial solution. It shows proof of concept within HTML5 and its canvas element can be used to draw graphics in the desired manner, in a way that is compatible on more devices than the alternative approach using WebGL and Three.js

Initial Report



Some of the initial ideas and a project description/new information from the first meeting with the clients from Manchester : Report (revision 1)